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Welcome to home-ed's and's new home on the web. All systems are now go.

The Home Education Mailing List

The home-ed list was founded in 1989 as an online gathering place for homeschoolers. From that day to this, home-ed has been an open forum for homeschoolers of all types: academic, structured, relaxed, unschoolers, religious, eclectic, you name it. Folks on home-ed have a wide range of educational philosophies and many years of practical homeschooling experience.

On home-ed, folks post their homeschooling questions, discuss homeschooling issues with other homeschoolers, and share their personal homeschooling experiences. In general, the focus is on helping people create a style of homeschooling that suits their individual families. We all have our theories, but what's really important is what works for our children.

Home-ed is a community and support group as well as a mailing list. Many home-ed participants have been list members since the early 1990s. We've grown up together, children and homeschooling parents alike. Thus the discussion often ranges wide and far.

If you want a support community where you can relax and let down your hair, you can join the full home-ed list or subscribe to the unabridged digest. If you're more interested in on-topic focused discussion, home-ed also has an abridged digest option. The abridged digest is for those who want their homeschooling discussions without the fluff and banter.

The home-ed list remains one of the few commercial-free homeschooling mailing lists. You won't see advertisements tagged onto home-ed messages and you won't see your homeschooling discussions used to advertise products.

On home-ed, we respect your privacy and the privacy of your children. We do not keep public archives and we will never release your posts to non-list-members.

The home-ed list is a great place to ask questions about homeschooling and an even better place to hang out and talk about day-to-day homeschooling issues.

You only need to subscribe to one form of home-ed. The main list and the unabridged digest contain the exact same posts. The abridged digest filters out the fluff and side discussions. If you have a free mail account with limited mailbox space, consider subscribing to one of the digests.


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